About CUDH

Chosun University Dental Hospital

Hosptial History


  1. ~ 2017
    2017.07.21Opened Medical Tourist Support Center
    2017.06.21Signed MOU with Mongolian Dentist Association for business
    2017.06.20Signed MOU with Mongolian Grandy Medi Hospital for business
    2017.06.20Signed business agreement with Gwangju Seobu district office of education
    2017.06.14Signed business agreement with Japyeong Corp. Signed treatment agreement with Gwangju Daily.
    2017.05.02Signed treatment agreement with Gwangju Daily.
    2017.04.30Signed treatment agreement with and designated as the main hospital of Gwangju Citizen Pro soccer team.
    2017.04.14Signed CSR agreement with Gwangju Social Welfare Committee
    2017.04.01Signed cooperation agreement with Chonnam Dentist Association
    2017.03.24Signed treatment agreement with Mudeung Book club association
    2017.03.15Signed business agreement with Gwangju Dong-gu senior welfare center
    2017.03.08Signed CSR agreement with Hope Tree Foundation
    2017.03.02Signed blood donation agreement with Korea Red Cross Gwangju Chonnam Blood Center
    2017.02.09Signed CSR agreement with ChildFund Korea Gwangju branch

  2. 2016
    2016.11.01Dr. Kim, Soo-Gwan inaugurated as the twentieth director of the hospital
    2016.04.12Signed business agreement with Gwangju, Chonnam Regional Military Manpower Office of giving preference to noble military family

  3. 2015
    2015.02.02Signed 'public facilities access agreement' with CUH
    2015.09.16Signed treatment with Gwangju Chonnam Activists Association

  4. 2014
    2014.12.04Acquired certification of medical institution by Ministry of Health and welfare
    2014.11.17Reappointed Dr. Ahn, Jong-Mo as 19th director of the hospital
    2014.11.01Signed business agreement with Chosun University Child care Center
    2014.08.31Finished Upgrading integrated medical information system

  5. 2013
    2013.11.01Signed business agreement with Chosun College of Science & Technology Alumnus
    2013.10.29Signed business agreement with Fujitsu Korea for upgrade project of integrated medical information system
    2013.10.2635th anniversary of opening dental hospital and announced vision 2030
    2013.04.12Signed academic-industrial cooperation agreement with Honam University
    2013.03.07Signed business agreement with Gwangju-si Dong-gu public health service

  6. 2012
    2012.11.17Dr.Ahn, Jong-mo inaugurated as the 18th director of the hospital
    2012.07.13Starting ceremony of mobile dental care bus service.

  7. 2011
    2011.11.14Signed MOU with Myanmar Mandalay University Dental Hospital
    2011.08.13Signed MOU with Myanmar Yangon University Dental Hospital
    2011.07.22Opened Oral Tumor Center
    2011.06.09Awarded Minister of Health and Welfare celebrating "66th anniversary of oral health"
    2011.05.24Signed MOU with Indonesian Hang Tuah University Dental Hospital
    2011.04.04Signed business agreement with Gwangju Bitgoeul Senior welfare foundation

  8. 2010
    2010.11.25Opened CAD&CAM center
    2010.11.17Dr. Kim, Byeong-Ok inaugurated as the 17th director of the hospital
    2010.02.20Signed agreement with Indonesian Dentist Gallery
    2010.02.19Signed agreement with Indonesia Hasanudin Dental University and Dental Hospital
    2010.01.20Signed agreement with Chinese Yanbian Dental University and Yanbian University School of Medicine

  1. 2009
    2009.07.10Signed business agreement with Chollanam-do Nano Bio Research Center
    2009.04.16Dr. Hwang, Ho-Gil inaugurated as the 16th director of the hospital
    2009.02.13Opened smoking clinic (designated by Korean Dental Association)
    2009.01.30Signed dental treatment agreement for low-income disabled (CUDH&Smile Foundation)

  2. 2008
    2008.12.16Designated hospital for legal public worker union Honam branch
    2008.12.12Signed academic-industrial cooperation agreement with Mokpo Science Univ.
    2008.10.25Performed the 30th anniversary ceremony of opening dental hospital and announced vision
    2008.09.26Opened extended clinical professor research building
    2008.06.18Signed academic-industrial cooperation agreement with Songwon University
    2008.03.11Designated as medical device clinical trial institution

  3. 2007
    2007.09.18Signed academic-industrial cooperation agreement with Gwangju Health College
    2007.04.16Dr. Lee, Sang-Ho inaugurated as the 15th director of the hospital
    2007.03.12Signed academic-industrial cooperation agreement with Suchon Chongam College
    2007.01.31Signed treatment agreement with Ministry of Health and Welfare National Sorokdo Hospital

  4. 2006
    2006.08.24Signed academic-industrial cooperation agreement with Seogang Information College
    2006.07.01Reorganized departments (10 -> 9 departments/ closed oral pathology)

  5. 2005
    2005.10.17Introduced CONE BEAM computerized tomography
    2005.09.01Dr.Cho, Young-Gon inaugurated as the 14th director of the hospital
    2005.08.27Signed academic exchange agreement with China Yanbian Oral Medicine Association
    2005.04.01Changed name to CUDH, founded general affairs department
    2005.03.15Opened medical image system(Full-PACS) and EMR
    2005.03.01Signed academic exchange agreement with Vietnam Hochimin National Dental Hospital

  6. 2004
    2004.01.07Designated as dental resident training hospital

  7. 2003
    2003.09.01Reappointed Dr. Kim, Gwang-Won as 13th director of the hospital

  8. 2001
    2001.09.01Dr. Kim, Gwang-Won inaugurated as the 12th director of the hospital

  9. 2000
    2000.12.02Completed construction of new hospital building

  1. 1990
    1999.09.01Dr. Cho, Young-Gon inaugurated as the 11th director of hospital
    1999.02.04Signed sisterhood agreement with USA Alabama dental hospital
    1998.09.01Reappointed Dr. Kang, Dong-Wan as 10th director of the hospital
    1998.01.15Opened halitosis clinic (10 offices 2 rooms, 2 clinics)
    1997.12.19Opened clinical training center
    1997.12.08Groundbreaking ceremony of new dental hospital (1 basement floor, 5 ground floors, total 2,423 pyeong)
    1997.11.20Signed sisterhood agreement with Yonsei University Dental Hospital
    1997.05.19Signed sisterhood agreement with Germany Gottingen University Dental Hospital
    1997.05.07Opened Implant clinic (10 offices, 2 rooms, 1 clinic)
    1997.04.02Signed sisterhood agreement with Japan Tokushima Dental Hospital
    1996.09.01Dr. Kang, Dong-Wan inaugurated as the 9th director of the hospital
    1994.09.01Dr. Gye, Gi-Seong inaugurated as the 8th director of the hospital
    1992.09.01Dr. Kim, Jae-Deok inaugurated as the 7th director of the hospital
    1991.09.12Renamed as Chosun University Affiliated Dental Hospital
    1990.09.01Dr.Kim, Jae-Deok inaugurated as the twentieth director of the hospital

  2. 1980
    1989.04.01Opened clinical oral pathology, prophylactic orthodontics, primary oral treatment (10 offices, 2 rooms)
    1987.12.01Dr. Cho, Jae-Oh inaugurated as the 5th director of the hospital
    1985.03.01Dr. Youn, Chang-Geun inaugurated as the 4th director of the hospital
    1980.09.01Dr. Cho, Young-Pil inaugurated as the 3rd director of the hospital
    1980.03.01Dr. Song, Young-Ho inaugurated as the 2nd director of the hospital

  3. 1970
    1979.07.01Designated as medical institution for national medical insurance association
    1979.01.01Designated as medical institutions for public worker and private school staff
    1978.10.26Designated as dental residents training hospital
    1978.10.26Dr. Cho, Young-Pil inaugurated as the 1st director of the hospital
    1978.10.26Approved to open Chosun Dental University Hospital (7 offices, 5 rooms 10 beds)